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Volta’s VEVRE is the first cloud native routing platform

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Reduces TCO by 90% compared to legacy routers

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Delivers unprecedented scale in virtual routing

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Built to support carrier automation


Volta Networks delivers the first cloud-native routing engine which reduces cost by an order of magnitude by using the cloud to optimize routing for low cost, white box switches. Unlike legacy routers or routing appliances, Volta enables much lower cost by virtualizing and scaling the routing control plane while using automation to accelerate new network services.

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Webinar: How to Futureproof your 5G Transport Networks

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How can operators build a roadmap for the transport network to create a single infrastructure across backhaul, midhaul and fronthaul? How can they cost-effectively meet the requirements of new 5G services absent a ‘one-size-fits-all’ transport solution? How can operators deliver routing and virtualization to support the emergence of denser radio networks? How can network and field operations verify that system performance meets 5G service criteria?

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Why Volta

Reduces TCO by 90%

Volta allows network operators to take full advantage of low-cost white box switches while providing the equivalent cost reduction by deploying the control plane in the cloud. Customers will see TCO savings of up to 10x when compared with legacy routing platforms.

The Elastic Cloud

As a native cloud application, Volta takes full advantage of the elastic nature of the cloud and ensures that resources are used efficiently regardless of the scope of the deployment. By building on cloud native technologies, we give the operator the means to scale out instead of being forced to scale up with more expensive routers.

Scales Virtual Routing

The VEVRE is used to create Virtual Routers (VR) which consist of one VRP and physical or virtual ports on a device running a vAgent. We lead the industry with up to 255 VRs on a single device, allowing network operators complete flexibility when connecting applications, services, customers or networks.

Built for Carrier Automation

Volta's cloud-based APIs provide the perfect connection point to MANO systems. With full support for leading standards including NETCONF and YANG, we are built for carrier automation.

Fully Interoperable

Volta supports a wide range of routing and transport protocols. Our routing suite is based on the Free Range Routing open source suite and has demonstrated interoperability. Volta is a contributor to the FRR community.

Unique IP

The Volta Agent runs on the switch and provides for local autonomous control. We have filed for a patent on the process we use to compress the instructions (the Forwarding Information Base or FIB) the switch needs. This unique technology ensures the switch will operate at peak performance.