TCO: Service Velocity and Agility

In our recent blog posts, we have looked at different aspects of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). CapEx spending gets the headlines and for good reason. Flattening revenues driven by lower revenue per bit coupled with explosive growth in bandwidth demands have made it difficult for carriers to achieve the industry’s standard goal of 15%–20%

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Network Automation Update from IETF105

Volta’s Dean Bogdanovic was at IETF105 where he delivered a talk on Network Automation Evolution:

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TCO: Capital Intensity

In our last post, we discussed how service provider revenues are massive but have settled into a low growth rate of around 1 % per year. How does this affect CapEx? Network operators can drive new sources of revenue because they invest in their networks. Service provider CapEx is a source of intense interest because

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The State of Carrier Revenues

By any measure, the telecommunications industry is huge. According to GSMA Intelligence, total mobile revenues reached $1.05 trillion in 2017 and will break $1.1 trillion in 2020.  That summarizes the problem; while the absolute numbers are big the growth rate is small.  In fact, the growth rate for mobile revenues is forecast to drop to

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TCO in the New Service Edge

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is a familiar concept – it recognizes that the acquisition cost is only part of the cost story.  Think about a car.  You have the purchase price (or the lease).  In addition, there are the costs incurred over the life of the vehicle such as fuel, maintenance, insurance and licensing.

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Ask Volta: Questions from the Webinar

On March 14, I did a webinar with Roz Roseboro of Heavy Reading, hosted by Light Reading. Our topic was “Routing Requirements for the New Provider Edge.” If you are interested, the replay is available here. Once of the most interesting aspects of doing webinars are the questions. Here are several from the attendees: Isn’t

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Orders of Magnitude of News

We were very excited to announce Volta’s VERVE last week. What we didn’t plan was the timing of the other two major announcements that involved Volta. Together these two announcements dramatically illustrate the how the edge of the networks is seeing a major shift that will fundamentally expand and change the router market. First, at

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Big News Week: Rethinking Routing

It is the beginning of the end of network operators being locked into expensive, proprietary routing technologies. The cloud-scale principles that disrupted the compute and storage markets a decade ago are finally impacting networking – and Volta is leading the way. After working for the past three years on our technology, last week represented major

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NANOG Lightning Talk

At NANOG 72 in Atlanta, Dean Bogdanovic, Volta CEO and founder, presented a Lightning Talk on “Device versus Service Models in Network Automation.” Network operators are increasingly adopting automation, but most networks today are managed as a set of individual devices. Further, approximately 70% of network operators still use CLI as the main management interface.

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The Limits of Scaling Up

On January 30, Juniper Networks (NYSE: JNPR) announced their Q4 results with net revenues of $1,239.5 million, which is a decrease of 11% year-over-year and 1% sequentially.  In addition,  the Q4 GAAP operating margin was 16.4%, down from 20.7% in the fourth quarter of 2016, and a decrease from 18.4% in the third quarter of

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