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Hard vs. Soft Network Slicing: What’s the Difference (Part 1)

In our recent webinar with Jennifer Clark of Heavy Reading, Leveraging the Cloud in the New 5G Edge, we discussed the importance of network slicing in 5G. And, we went into detail about the difference between hard and soft network slicing. The webinar is available on demand here. 5G supports a new generation of applications

Questions from the Webinar: Leveraging the Cloud in the New 5G Edge

Is it possible that one Radio Unit (RU) is shared by multiple operators and then their respective traffic goes to their respective DUs, CUs, and MC? RAN sharing allows operators to reduce their capital expenses by providing a way for operators to share the same base stations instead of building them out separately.  It is

5G: Money Talks

In our blog post from last week, we talked about the various partnerships and alliances in the edge computing market. Then Verizon announced that it completed the first end-to-end fully virtualized 5G data session in the US. They see these technologies as the foundation for wide-scale mobile edge computing and network slicing. Earlier this month,