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Looking Back and Forward

As 2019 winds down, Volta has been asked several times about our thoughts on what was significant in 2019 and our predictions for 2020. In 2019, we saw the tipping point in service providers moving to open networking from legacy infrastructure. The key was the availability of carrier-grade switching ASICs from vendors like Broadcom. A

We Told You It Would Be Like This

We don’t actually have a crystal ball, but Volta seems to have a good track record in identifying trends. Last week, there was a spate of articles validating things that we have been saying for some time. Last April we did a webinar with Light Reading and pointed out that 4G was about connecting consumers

Ask Volta: Questions from the Webinar

On March 14, I did a webinar with Roz Roseboro of Heavy Reading, hosted by Light Reading. Our topic was “Routing Requirements for the New Provider Edge.” If you are interested, the replay is available here. Once of the most interesting aspects of doing webinars are the questions. Here are several from the attendees: Isn’t

Free Range Routing

Share this post: Readers of this blog already know, at Volta, we are disrupting networking industry. Innovation is in our DNA, but we also stand on the shoulders of giants. For example we use FRR as our IP routing protocol suite. FRR is a relatively new project which recently joined the Linux Foundation. But FRR


Share this post: I was a bit surprised when heard this number and had to make sure I got it correct. That’s 57 billion with a big B. What costs $57 billion? The cost of operating networks running Cisco network equipment annually[1] It’s not surprise that Cisco sells a lot of networking hardware every year.

Voltanétio: God of Modern Networking

Share this post: Voltanétio \ˈvōl-tə-nā-sē-ə\ : God of Modern Networking Very recently, I invited a contemporary goddess into my home. She unreservedly granted me more than 3 wishes. I could say “Goddess, let there be light”, and there would be light; I could ask her to “play my favorite music playlist” and my home would

The Nature of Networks

Share this post: Information is one of the basic elements of nature. Exchange and access to information is liberating. Being able to access and exchange more information easier and faster, has enabled our civilization to progress. In the dictionary, networking is defined as: The exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions. I