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Convergence in the New Service Edge, Part 3

We started our series, Convergence in the New Service Edge, with a discussion on how 4G and 5G will have to coexist in the same transport network. In Part 2, we discussed how that transport network will support fixed as well as wireless traffic. 5G services are different. In this installment, we want to take

Virtual Routing and 5G Transport: Your Questions from the Webinar

On December 10, Volta and Fujitsu co-sponsored a webinar hosted by IHS Markit featuring Heidi Adams, Executive Director, Network Infrastructure Research.  Our topic was Virtual Routing in 5G Transport.  Attendees received a special report authored by Heidi. If you missed it, you watch it on-demand here and download the report, the slides and several other

Disaggregating the Appliance Model

In carrier networks, the appliance model is giving way to a disaggregated model. Traditionally, functions like routing were implemented in a tightly coupled hardware and software bundle. Routing vendors could ensure the proper operation of their system because they controlled the entire network element. They even developed their own switching ASICs for their line cards.

TCO in the New Service Edge

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is a familiar concept – it recognizes that the acquisition cost is only part of the cost story.  Think about a car.  You have the purchase price (or the lease).  In addition, there are the costs incurred over the life of the vehicle such as fuel, maintenance, insurance and licensing.