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TCO: Capital Intensity

In our last post, we discussed how service provider revenues are massive but have settled into a low growth rate of around 1 % per year. How does this affect CapEx? Network operators can drive new sources of revenue because they invest in their networks. Service provider CapEx is a source of intense interest because

The State of Carrier Revenues

By any measure, the telecommunications industry is huge. According to GSMA Intelligence, total mobile revenues reached $1.05 trillion in 2017 and will break $1.1 trillion in 2020.  That summarizes the problem; while the absolute numbers are big the growth rate is small.  In fact, the growth rate for mobile revenues is forecast to drop to

TCO in the New Service Edge

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is a familiar concept – it recognizes that the acquisition cost is only part of the cost story.  Think about a car.  You have the purchase price (or the lease).  In addition, there are the costs incurred over the life of the vehicle such as fuel, maintenance, insurance and licensing.