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Keeping Your Friends Close in the Edge

There has been a great deal of activity in the edge computing space.  Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), cell tower owner/operators, data center operator and content delivery networks are all positioning themselves to take advantage of this emerging market.  The motivations are clear. Enterprise customers have been able to use both cloud services as well as

Connecting Things in the New Edge

Gartner predicts that “edge computing will become a dominant factor across virtually all industries and use cases as the edge becomes empowered with more sophisticated and specialized compute resources and more data storage.” The main driver for this focus on the edge comes from the need for Internet of Things (IoT) systems to deliver disconnected

Free Range Routing – open source networking takes off

Open source routing has been around for a while, but in the last few years, it’s been given a well-needed shake-up with the formation of the Free Range Routing (FRR) project. There are a number of open source initiatives related to routing, but FRR has become the most important community with the broadest support. In

Graphic of network cables

Part 3: The Evolution to Virtual Routing

In the previous two parts of this three-post series, we have provided a taxonomy for routers based on how their data plane and control plane components are implemented. We have put emphasis on disaggregated routers in the context of telecom operators, where the data plane is usually implemented in hardware, and the control plane implemented

Graphic of network cables

Part 2: The Evolution to Virtual Routing

In the prior post on virtual routing, we introduced the concept of a disaggregated router. Disaggregated routers are routers where control plane and data plane are provided by different vendors. The control plane is usually implemented in software. The data plane could be implemented in either hardware or software. For example, the use of a

Questions from How to Futureproof your 5G Transport Network

This month, we are focused on virtual routing especially as it related to the new 5G service edge. We recently spoke on an Omdia webinar How to Futureproof your 5G Transport Network. We answered several questions that relate to virtual routing that we thought would be of broad interest. Question: Today, the 4G RUs and

Why Virtualization is Critical to 5G

5G opens up a new world to operators. According to the Ericsson Mobility Report, 5G subscriptions are forecast to reach 2.8 billion globally by the end of 2025  while GSMA Intelligence forecasts that total IoT connections will double between 2019 and 2025, reaching 24 billion. But what do MNOs need to get ready for the

Video: Evolving Network Automation

Volta’s CEO, Dean Bogdanovic, presented at IETF 106 in Singapore on November 20.  His presentation addressed the evolution of network automation and programmability. He discussed where software should run and what should run on network hardware.  The presentation covered traffic engineering optimization and issues around carrier grade automation. Click on the image to watch the

A Day in the Office – We are Hiring!

Share this post: Volta is turning around the networking industry, and this is a TEAM job. Our Barcelona office is the main engineering headquarters of Volta. We are a group of pals working in the areas of data-plane, control-plane and cloud. The BCN office is all about working hard and having fun. The ultimate goal