Cloud On Ramp

Surveys show that organizations are employing at least six clouds, on average. Multiple cloud adoption is now common as a hedge against vendor lock-in.  In addition, the typical organization uses an average of 13 SaaS applications. Some of these services will be mission-critical while others may not.  Thus, the customer may need different types of services for their different services.

Volta power cloud on-ramp services
Virtual routers power new services like cloud on-ramp.

For the service provider, there are a large number of customers requiring connections to the same cloud and SaaS providers from a number of locations. Providing and managing shared connections to clouds is a revenue opportunity for service providers.  As a standalone service or value add to other services like VPNs.  Volta’s ability to support many virtual routers on low cost, high-performance switches allows service providers to contain the cost of building out for these services.  Using Volta technology, the service provider has the capability to provide a different virtual router for every customer, service, or application. Volta’s service library features help keep the operating cost low while enabling differentiation of service offerings.