A Day in the Office – We are Hiring!

A Day in the Office – We are Hiring!

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Volta is turning around the networking industry, and this is a TEAM job. Our Barcelona office is the main engineering headquarters of Volta. We are a group of pals working in the areas of data-plane, control-plane and cloud.

The BCN office is all about working hard and having fun. The ultimate goal is to enjoy coming to work everyday, knowing we are doing something BIG. Three out of four technical departments share the same office space. There are times where physical proximity doesn’t always cut it, so we have developed an advanced device to improve internal communications:

Volta inter-department communication device (Patent-pending)

These departments coordinate with the rest of the organization in Boston and California.

At Volta, we are a multi-disciplinary team where everyone is different, but we share some core values:

  • Team-players
  • Hard workers (or that’s what we say to our CEO)
  • Eat harder
  • Laugh loud

This is how we work, and we always try to keep up the mood of the team when coding, when testing and especially when we are integrating code before a release. To make sure we are in sync, we have the mood-ometer:

Team’s “mood-ometer”
Team’s “mood-ometer”

Sometimes we involve our families and go for dinner or lunch to a nice place. It’s one way we compensate our families for occasional integration pain and last minute bugs… which only happens from time to time…(yes, we’ve been out for lunch 35 times this month). Dean really needs to go to lunch at least once a month to a restaurant 5 KM away from the office, have some “paellas”, and then he has the naive expectation that we will be able to work afterwards (wine helps).

What we are looking for…

We have open positions to strengthen the world-class engineering team of Volta Networks in our office in Barcelona, the beautiful Mediterranean city. We seek highly-motivated individuals, with proven skills and eager to learn about networking technology and software development. Our motto is grow with us, while developing an exciting career.

Our ideal candidate is:

  • highly engaging
  • high-energy
  • high-achievement oriented
  • strong work ethic and can-do attitude

plus an in-depth, hands-on experience in software development and best practices that can demonstrate solid networking skills and develop great technical expertise in order to drive the company’s technical leadership and innovative networking solutions, build new strategic opportunities that increase our competitiveness and consolidate our company in the market. To that end, strong communication and presentation skills are a must. Candidates must also have proven experience leveraging contemporary technologies like Hadoop, Docker, Chef, Redis, RabbitMQ … Martial arts such as Ninjutsu, Jujutsu, Bonsai gardening and other related skills are a plus. Solving advanced sudokus in < 5 minutes, a must (oh boy, they are hard).

Qualify for all this? Glad to hear! You don’t? Even better, we do not need all that (except for sudoku… it really drives us crazy). If you are a curious engineer, with C/C++ and/or Python experience and you are interested in computer networks, contact us at careers@voltanet.io!