Recruiting in a Software Defined World

Recruiting in a Software Defined World

Telecommunications and Computer Networking recruitment has played its big part in the general recruitment industry for some time. Technology is evolving as we all know at a rapid rate.  With Digital, Virtual, AI Infrastructure becoming the norm, companies need the right expertise to propel themselves forward, make that difference, disrupt and succeed in competitive markets.

Having a great recruitment program is key to success, but what does that journey look like? For me, the best way to describe it is a journey. Dedication, resilience, commitment these are all key attributes that any Recruitment company looks for in consultants they hire. Why is that? The answer- Recruitment no matter what side of the fence you are is a “tough gig”. We are dealing with market forces beyond our control, big company vs small company, personal lives/ choices and finally human nature. Whether you take a Hobbesian or Machiavellian view on human nature the outcome is the same. Everyone is different and companies need to be prepared for this.

In a Software Defined world finding the right staff takes time and a lot of effort. Software developers with Cloud, Networking, Virtualization experience are not everywhere and if you are very good then the likelihood is you will be getting paid well in a large company that provides a good life for you and anyone around you. There is arguably a  generational gap in the marketplace which Millenials are just starting to fill having taken on a passion for Computer Science years ago and are now fulfilling on Commercial roles and gaining experience. The large corporations can be a pain for the smaller organizations trying to hire but then again they are also responsible for educational courses globally that offer young people the chance to gain software defined experience. This creates buoyancy in the marketplace, do SME’s say thank you as they sign contracts with these staff?

Indirectly, in the Software defined world, each company actually helps one another in a funny way. Choice is everywhere, competition is everywhere and companies are constantly facing challenges to attract, grow and retain talent. All doom and gloom? Actually, the remedies are all in the power of the companies themselves.

Ask yourselves a couple of questions;

  • Have you properly assessed the marketplace you are in for talent attraction, wage levels, locations of potential candidates? Can you pay that extra 3k to secure someone, don’t take it personally just have an open conversation. Computer Networking/ Telecommunications roles command good salaries. Are you up to date?
  • Are we an attractive proposition? This is a very tricky question to answer due to the emotional nature of it, all founders should be incredibly proud of what they worked tirelessly for. But when a candidate does not take a role is it because you are not attractive or is it because they had seven or eight other choices and it’s like holding a second full-time job trying to get your new role for most. Be prepared.
  • Are we rolling with the times? Workplace flexibility for example, if you get this right you can run a great team. Employees are humans and if you provide the right environment for people to thrive in then hopefully they will give you back more than what you asked for. This does not mean giving everyone work from home all the time, but if the team works hard then let them get a level of flexibility that means they will probably open up their laptop when they get back home and continue.
  • Leadership- why do employees want to work hard? Money clearly is a factor, but having someone that you look up to, learn from and admire are all things that can be taken for granted but with great leadership comes great success stories.

It is not all doom and gloom, find a knowledgeable recruiter that you trust, investing that time is worth a lot more than you think. They will give you back as much as your best employee if not more as they want to find the staff just as much as you do. The industry is catching up. Computer Science is making an entrance into Comprehensive, Elementary education and young people are on iPads, iPhones all the time right? Parents-  why not give your loved ones the option of a great career out of their dedication to the screen.

One thing is for sure, Software Defined staff are out there, how hard will you look?