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The best way to understand the real advantages of the Volta solution is to see it for yourself.  There are two main components:

  • The Volta Agent (vAgent) resides on the white box switching hardware and can run on any open network platform that is open to 3rd party developers, such as like OpenSwitch, OpenNetwork Linux, Dell NOS 10.  vAgent receives operational rules and administrative policies for a given network service context and can execute appropriate actions locally without being connected to the cloud.
  • The vAgent acts as a hardware abstraction layer to the next layer up in the architecture, the Volta Route Processor (vRP) which is part of the Volta Elastic Virtual Routing Engine which can run on any public, private or hybrid cloud. vRPs are collections of network control processes (e.g. IS-IS, BGP, ACLs etc.) setup by the network operator as unique administrative domain. This provides same functionality of Juniper Routing Engine or Cisco Route Processors. However, Volta eliminates the legacy technology debt by only running only needed processes within a vRP, not the whole system.

Since Volta runs in the cloud, we have the full Volta network control Platform running on Amazon Web Services.  We also have a VM functioning as a vAgent running on a white box switch.  This makes it easy for you to see how it really works.

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