Virtual Routing at the TIP Summit

Virtual Routing at the TIP Summit

Volta is gearing up for the TIP Summit next week in Amsterdam on November 13 and 14.  This will a great opportunity to engage with members of a thriving collaborative community. The Telecom Infra Project (TIP) has over “500 Member organizations, including operators, technology providers, developers, integrators, startups, and a range of other entities inside and outside the traditional telco space.”

The Summit will feature panel discussions, presentations, working group meetings and birds of a feather sessions.  As a TIP member, Volta is an active participant in the Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway (DCSG) project.  TIP describes DCSG as “the first disaggregated whitebox routing technology to power operator access sites and lower TCO.”

Service provider networks are undergoing major changes as 5G deployments are underway and DCSG is part of that.  The edge will see a restructuring as small cell site installations ramp and drive changes in transport like crosshaul technologies. Service providers see a new generation of applications like IoT, connected cars, telemedicine, and smart cities.  This trend will drive new revenue as enterprises connect things to the network.  Most of these applications will require much lower latency than can be achieved with today’s architectures. They will also open the door for moving computing closer to the customer with technologies like MEC.

Projects like DCSG are key to enabling these new applications.  It means that routing will be essential all the way down to the small cell site. One of the things that sets Volta apart is our ability to support up to 255 virtual routers on a single white box.  We see this as essential in this new service edge.  For example, RAN sharing is facilitated by having a virtual router on the switch for each operator sharing a cell site. In our architecture, each virtual router has its own protocols stacks running independently so the router is a completely separate administrative domain. This is made possible by our unique approach to disaggregation where the control plane runs in the cloud.

Network slicing is something of a holy grail for 5G applications. Service providers will be able to create performance-optimized virtual networks for a range of diverse applications on top of their common infrastructure.  Obviously virtual routers are important here as well. However, the ability to quickly provision these slices is also critical. At the summit, Volta will be demonstrating how we can rapidly spin up new virtual routers to implement network slicing.

Stop by and see us at booth B3.